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Here is where you will find legacy download information and links for our application, tools and utilities.

FloppyBase 1.6 Free

FloppyBase 1.6 Free

A free advanced floppy disk imaging program with media conversion and network operation. Supports 360K,720K,1.2MB,1.44MB,2.88MB diskettes. Works under Windows 95,98,ME,NT,2000 and XP.

File : FloppyBase Free
Version : 1.6
Updated : 2005

FloppyBase makes an exact copy of the disk to a compressed image file so you can keep the files on your hard drive or burn them to CD. You can then recreate floppies from the image files when you need to. It can write images from 720K and 1.2MB media to 1.44MB media. The floppies are seen by the operating system as if they were the original disks because FloppyBase preserves all the original file system data (Media Descriptor, Boot Sector, File Allocation Table even the Sector Geometry).

Download ProbeServer Database Tool

Download ProbeServer Database Tool

ProbeServer does not require regular maintenance to continue to work reliably. However, if you want to keep the database in tip top condition you can use the database tool. Remove old or redundant data like software titles that are no longer installed on the network.

File : ProbeServer Database Tool
Version :
Updated : 8 March 2008

New Website

24 September 2017

Welcome to the new Hammer Software web site.  We trust you will enjoy our new modern look and feel with the same level of customer service enjoyed by our customers over the years.  Thanks for visiting!

MetaPing 1.6

2 May 2017

MetaPing is a visual ping tool that helps you keep an eye on the health of your network. Best of all… it’s FREE! Enjoy compliments Hammer Software.

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