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MetaLAN™ Systems Management

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MetaLAN Systems Management

Remote Control

What is MetaLAN ?

MetaLAN is a systems management, remote computing, software audit / software license tracking and hardware inventory tool.
MetaLAN can dramatically increase the productivity of the Network Admin and Helpdesk staff. Remote control, monitor, plan hardware and software upgrades using the included reports and health monitoring. Know what software is installed on the network. Get to the bottom of technical issues faster than ever. Save time and get more done in the time you have.
All this without needing to visit or install anything on the client computers!


MetaLAN was designed with one main purpose, to make managing a network of desktops and servers easy. Systems Management Software is often complex to install and can have many dependencies and prerequisites. Our software architecture uses only ubiquitous, inbuilt operating system technologies where possible. The result is that in most cases you will be up and running in 5 minutes or less. Managers and technical staff can spend their time managing clients and infrastructure not the software itself.
What's new in version 2:
  • Brand new interface
  • Software auditing / license tracking
  • New Health Monitor module
  • Multi monitor support and much more...



MetaLAN can run in two modes, stand-alone or server. Stand-alone only requires MetaLAN Administrator to be installed.

Standalone Mode
Server Mode
Stand-alone mode only requires MetaLAN Administrator to be installed. Stand-alone mode is great for networks with only a few Administrators or temporary installations. In Stand-Alone Mode each database is local to the computer MetaLAN Administrator is running on. In most cases you can expect to be up and running in 5 miniutes!
With larger networks or several administrators using MetaLAN, Server Mode is recommended. MetaLAN Server periodically scans the network and stores the collected information in a database for quick retrieval. Installing MetaLAN Server is easy, download it and install it on a server computer.

Licensing and Activation

Use of MetaLAN Administrator and Server is included with the standard MetaLAN license. A 30 day trial license is included with the installation package.

To activate MetaLAN simply run the activation file you received when you purchased MetaLAN. Tick the MetaLAN install and Click "Activate". For MetaLAN Server this must be done on the computer with the MetaLAN Server Service installed.

Dowload Links

Click the following links to download the latest versions of MetaLAN Administrator, Server and License Manager Import Tool.

Download MetaLAN Administrator All that is required for standalone operation

Download MetaLAN Server Enables server mode operation

Download License Manager Import Tool Import License Manager database to MetaLAN Server

How to Buy

The MetaLAN is licensed for the number of computers (nodes) on your network, similar to a client access license (CAL). For example, if you have a domain of 1000 computers including servers you would need to purchase 1000 node licenses.

If you use MetaLAN to scan and/or manage a computer you must purchase a node license for it. If you only wanted to use MetaLAN to scan and manage a subset of the computers on your network you may be able to purchase a lesser quantity. Please contact sales to ask any questions you might have regarding licensing.

Use of all components (Administrator and Server) is included in the license. There is no limit on the number of computers the software can be installed on as long as it is used on the licensed network. There is no limit on the number of users that can use the software.

Licenses come in packs of 50 and the price decreases with the number purchased. Purchase includes 12 months software maintenance, upgrades and email support. Annual maintenance may be extended at any time.


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Hammer Software Newsletters

New Website Comming Soon
October 2017

Keep an eye out for our new website comming soon...

MetaLAN Administrator 2.7.1 Released
18 December 2016

One stop Windows Systems Management. Update to the latest version or download the free 30 day trial now. MetaLAN Server 2.7.1 or later required for Server Mode.

MetaLAN Server 2.7.1 Released
12th December 2016

MetaLAN Server periodically scans a network and stores the information in a database for quick retrieval by MetaLAN Administrator. Use is included in the MetaLAN Administrator license. MetaLAN Administrator 2.7.1 or greater required.

Mini Contract Manager 2.3.7 Released
16 April 2016

Multi User Contract Life Cycle Management. Download the free 30 day trial now.

MetaLAN in Technet Magazine
1 March 2008

Read the review of MetaLAN in Microsoft's Technet Magazine.

Quick Support

Hammer Software Knowledge base

If you are experiencing a problem with one of our products or want to know the answer to common questions and issues go here:

Information Knowledge base
Network Computers report "The RPC server is unavailable" and do not appear in MetaLAN

If this error is reported for Windows 7 (and later) computers this can be because WMI is blocked by the Advanced Firewall.

Information Allow WMI through the Firewall using Group Policy

How to manually migrate MetaLAN Server to a new server

To manually migrate the MetaLAN Server database to a new server follow the steps in this article.

Information Manually migrate MetaLAN Server to a new server

How to diagnose problems with target computers
6 May 2017

To diagnose possible problems with the target computers please read the following KB Article

Using MetaLAN in Server Mode

MetaLAN™ can run as a standalone application. However, using MetaLAN Server will reduce and distribute the network load required for data collection. MetaLAN Server offers a central location for the collection and distribution of the data collected from the computers on the network. Best of all, MetaLAN Server included free when you buy MetaLAN.

Information More Information