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How to manually migrate MetaLAN Server to a new server

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Posted: 09 Aug, 2013
by: Admin A.
Updated: 09 Aug, 2013
by: Admin A.
To manually migrate the MetaLAN Server database to a new server perform these steps:
  1. Install MetaLAN Server on the new server by following the prompts during the setup, do not choose the upgrade option.
  2. Stop the MetaLANServer Service on both the old and new servers using the MetaLAN Server Management Console.
  3. Make a backup copy of all files in the "\\NewServer\Probe$" directory.
  4. Copy all files from "\\OldServer\Probe$" to "\\NewServer\Probe$" overwriting the files as necessary.
  5. Start the MetaLANServer Service on the new server using the MetaLAN Sevrer Management Console.


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