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Mini Contract Manager is a flexible easy to use database application designed to take the pain out of managing multiple contracts.
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document VNC disabled by McAfee Antivirus software DAT 5386.
MetaLAN reports "There is no installation or an incomplete installation of VNC" when McAfee Antivirus with DAT 5386 is installed. ...
30 Jun, 2012
document UVNC does not handle multiple monitors correctly.
This applies to MetaLAN Version 1.9.1 and greater. UVNC does not handle multiple monitors correctly.  The work around to change the...
30 Jun, 2012
document UVNC Viewer will not connect error "Failed to connect to sever!"
The UltraVNC Viewer can report the following error when trying to connect "Failed to connect to sever!" and the VNC session will...
30 Jun, 2012
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document "Not a valid file name" error.
When using the MetaLAN Server Management Console version 2.6.2 and prior, on the MetaLAN Server Overview page under the Database section the...
06 Apr, 2015
document Cannot send email from Mini Contract Manager
For email to work in Mini Contract Manager, your computer must have a registered email client.  To test this you can do the following: 1. Press...
08 Jul, 2014
document MetaLAN Server Installation hangs on Windows Server 2012 R2
MetaLAN Server setup takes up to 5 minutes to install the network scan service on Windows Server 2012 R2.  The installer then...
29 May, 2014