Use this window to configure the way BlackProbe behaves.

Operation mode:

BlackProbe can operate in two modes, Stand alone.and Server.  In Stand alone mode all information about client computers is collected real time from the computers on the network.  In Server mode BlackProbe will collect the information from a computer running ProbeServer.  This is faster than Stand alone mode as the information has already been collected by ProbeServer.  Also, information about computers that are not currently on the the network such as computers that are turned off or laptop computers that are away from the office will still be displayed in an off-line status.
ProbeServer is available for download at
ProbeServer uses the same license at BlackProbe.
Click [Search for a ProbeServer] to automatically configure BlackProbe.
If BlackProbe's running in stand alone mode the data collected can be cached by checking the [Cache stand Alone Data] check box. If you want to clear the cache click the [Clear cache ] button. This will also clear any data currently displayed by BlackProbe.

Network Operations:

Because network operations have no guarantee of success (computers are not always reachable on a network).  It helps greatly to have multiple operations taking place simultaneously.  If one operation fails or worse stalls the others can continue.  The [Maximum threads] setting specifies how many simultaneous network operations you wish to perform.  A higher setting will cause a higher network and CPU utilization. The default is 20
The verify by pinging setting causes BlackProbe to ping a computer before attempting any network operation.  This ensures that no operations are attempted on a computer that is not currently on the network and avoids the considerable network time-out period that would normally happen.
The Ping timeout is the amount of time to wait for a computer to respond before assuming it off the network.  This is measured in milliseconds. The default is 800ms.
The Low Bandwidth setting is for low speed connections such as modems.  It causes less data to be collected from the computers and an optimized number of threads to run.

Remote Control:


Click [Password] to change the BlackProbe password or optionally disable it. The default password is BCareful2. The “Request permission from client” setting is protected by the password. The password is system-wide so when the password is changed it will apply to all users of the computer.